December. 30 What is the best way to calm a nervous horse?

December. 23 Are you a positive influence on your horse?

December. 16 Are you teaching your horse to buck?

December. 9 How do you breathe so your horse will relax?

December. 2 Do horses communicate with their eyes?

November. 25 What can you communicate through breathing?

November. 18 Can a trotter become a saddle horse?

November. 11 How do I stop my pony from moving when I try to mount?

November. 4 What about horse blankets?

October. 28 Does your horse have brakes?

October. 21 Does your horse enjoy being clipped?

October. 14 How do I stop my horse without pulling on his mouth?

October. 7 How do you earn a horse’s trust?

September. 30 Does your horse buck when picking up the canter?

September. 23 How do your leg cues affect balance?

September. 16 How do you stop inappropriate chewing?

September. 9 How do you stop a horse from biting?

September. 2 Is there a good way to compete in barrel racing?

August. 26 How do you choose a comfortable horse?

August. 19 How can you win over your horse’s trust?

August. 12 What is the most subtle evidence of acceptance from a horse?

August. 5 What is the best age for Join-Up?

July. 22 Have horses ever taken a hit on your confidence?

July. 15 Does your horse ground tie?

July. 8 How do you separate bonded horses?

July. 1 Do horses ever forget past abuse?

June. 24 How do you discipline a horse without force?

June. 17 Does your horse bite you?

June. 10 How do you build confidence in a horse?

June. 3 Are you being fair to your horse?

May. 27 How do you break the chain of violence?

May. 20 Have you tried Monty’s Dually halter and long lines?

May. 13 How do you convey safety and build trust?

May. 6 How do you ride a bucking horse?

April. 29 Can you Join-Up with a bull?

April. 22 Where were you when I needed you?

April. 15 How can I be a better student?

April. 8 Are stallions more challenging for Join-Up?

April. 1 How do you stop violence?

March. 25 Have you seen PTSD in a horse before?

March. 18 Are horses individuals?

March. 11 Has The Queen’s love for horses influenced you?

March. 4 Is your horse explosive?

February. 26 Can your horse jump confidently?

February. 19 Why do horses kick out?

February. 12 Do you train using treats?

February. 5 Does your horse follow you?

January. 29 When is a horse ready to carry a Queen?

January. 22 How do you train a horse for a vulnerable rider?

January. 15 Are you safe riding your horse?

January. 8 When is a horse safe and ready to ride?

January. 1 Why does my horse refuse a jump?

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