September 16, 2020 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: How do you stop inappropriate chewing?

Hi Monty,

Our horse, Aslan, likes to bite the lead rope and when we school him with a Dually Halter, he tries to move our elbow. How can we correct it?

Jose Mario Briceno

Monty’s Answer:

Dear Jose,

The best choice that I know of with horses who chew on the lead rope is to spray the rope with a substance that tastes awful. My staff use chili powder and dress the rope with the chili mixed in oil and seem to do quite well at stopping this habit. Cross ties can also answer this question but obviously that is only when the horse is tied. I am not one to do a lot of schooling while holding the horse on a rope. It tends to create aggravation between horse and human.

My suggestion would also be to study the Dually Halter lessons on my University again, or watch the DVD that came with the halter. They emphasize how timing and schooling keeps your horse alert and in partnership with you, rather than letting his mind wander.


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