January. 15, 2020 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: Are you safe riding your horse?

Thinking specifically about the safety of riders who are more vulnerable such as those with physiological injuries (e.g. like myself, having previously had spinal surgery); more mature riders and young children in the context of starting horses.

Monty’s Answer:

We will now move on to segments we will name Preparation. This, the second segment, stands my hair on end and causes my skin to crawl. No one, even slightly meeting the description you have outlined here should ever be the first rider for any horse no matter the preparation or the apparent attitude of the horse.
To read your words about your own physical vulnerabilities as though you would consider being the first rider on the horse is absolutely bone chilling. Under no circumstance could I ever allow anyone even slightly fitting the descriptions you have outlined here would be asked by me to be a first, second, third or even fourth rider. Let’s end this segment with those words etched indelibly.


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