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May 19, Does Join-Up® take longer than conventional methods?

May 12, Are Join-Up® methods and competitive riding at odds?

May 5, Are top riders using force-free training?

April 28, Who inspires you?

April 21, Who is your favorite horse?

April 14, Are some abused horses beyond hope?

April 7, Have you ever tried riding English style?

March 31, What do you love most about working with horses?

March 24, Why does your horse follow you around?

March 17, What is the key to understanding horses?

March 10, How did you discover your skills?

March 10, How did you discover your skills?

March 3, Were you born with a special ability to relate to horses?

February 24, How do you overcome abuse?

February 17, Is your horse reactive?

February 10, Is your horse avoiding you?

February 3, Who in the western horse world has influenced you and your training?

January, 27 What would you change in the world of Western riding?

January, 20 Do you use traditional techniques and are they effective?

January, 13 How has equipment for Western riding evolved?

January, 6 How has Western riding changed?

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