March 18, 2020 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: Are horses individuals?

My pony will move his head in a full clockwise circle over and over again. He will do it if he’s at the gate and ready to leave the arena if I allow him to. Last week we put him out in the field alone. He is boarded at a barn and I’m not allowed to take any other horses out with him. I’m guessing that he does this when he is stressed or bored because he is fine when I work with him and fine when the barn owner puts other horses out with him. My question is, should I try to stop it or just accept it as part of his personality?

Thank you!

Monty’s Answer:

If this is something he fails to exhibit when riding or handling him, then lets consider it his property and accept the fact that all individuals are just that. Every human has some trait we can label a fingerprint. Its theirs and probably should remain theirs without interference if it hurts no other individual.


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