Horses in Transition

Each year, hundreds of thousands of good horses find themselves in transition of career or ownership. And each year, a growing number of these horses end up at risk of inhumane treatment. It’s time for all of us to come together and play a role in changing their story and fate.

Research by the ASPCA indicates there are over 1.2 million homes that have both the perceived resources and desire to house an unwanted horse. This number greatly exceeds the approximately 200,000 unwanted horses living each year in the United States.

However, a lack of high-quality training for remedial issues and wild / feral horses is one of the most consistent, ongoing needs for horses in transition. A well-trained, safe and pleasant horse has a much higher adoption rate, lower length of stay in a shelter and a higher likelihood of staying safe for life.

Monty Roberts at Flag Is Up Farms, Solvang, California, with Mustangs, Chief and Beauty

A Monty Roberts Solution

This is where the Monty Roberts’ Mustang & Transition Horse Program (MRTHP) comes in. By utilizing Monty Roberts’ world-renowned gentle and effective training techniques including Join-Up and his patented humane gentling facility, Monty and his team at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center (MRILC) gentle and/or start unbacked horses from ASPCA Right Horse adoption partners, and work through remedial issues with others. All of our transition horses are desensitized to a variety of objects and stimuli, and undergo both a ground-based and ridden training program – to make them safe and willing partners for their future owners.

For almost 25 years the MRILC has been dedicated to promoting and teaching gentle, effective alternatives to violence and force during the starting and training of horses. And students visiting the MRILC will have an opportunity to work with the horses in the MRTHP program – learning the Monty Roberts methodology and how to practically apply it to working with horses.

Monty Roberts at Flag Is Up Farms, Solvang, California, with Mustangs, Chief and Beauty

Horses Available to Adopt

After the initial success of our 60-day pilot program, we have continued our re-training program indefinitely. All of the horses featured below are available for adoption, with new horses arriving regularly. Please contact us at

SPARKY2016 Thoroughbred, gelding, 15.2 hh
Sparky is confident and willing. Winning over $347,000 (21 starts) in his racing career, he has solid work ethic and enjoys being challenged, both mentally and physically. Sparky has a sweet personality and good manners. He has no vices and currently lives out in a small herd. He’s a good all-rounder and would suit an intermediate to advanced rider, or novice with a trainer.

Adoption fee: $ 5,000

Adoption Partner: Win Place Home

EOMER2019 Thoroughbred, gelding, 16 hh
Eomer (ay-oh-mer) is sweet, gentle and quiet. Wise beyond his years, he is level-headed and trustworthy. Retired before ever making it to the races. Eomer would be ideal for someone looking for a project to take their time with, and could go in any direction. His “daisy-cutter” trot and compact build could make him ideal in the Hunter ring, but his easy-going nature could also find a future in Western Pleasure or trail.

Adoption fee: $ 5,000

Adoption Partner: Win Place Home