November 18, 2020 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: Can a trotter become a saddle horse?

Hello, my name is Federica and I am contacting you from Italy, Milan. Since I was 6 I have been riding a horse, purely English riding, flat work and show jumping but only for pleasure. Now at the age of 35, together with my husband, I am about to revive the dream of having my own horse. This is the point: I fell in love on sight and I must say reciprocated in trust by a beautiful 4-year-old Italian trotter (son of Timoko). The horse ran very little and was deemed unsuitable for sulky racing as it breaks at a trot and gallops. The crux of the matter is: in your opinion, using your principles and getting help from those who know trotting horses, is it possible to put on the saddle and use it as a horse for flat work and for walks? Thank you.

Monty’s Answer:

Thank you for your question which is a unique one. I have for my entire life insisted that we harbor the opinion that a horse is a horse. It is my opinion that all breeds (size appropriate) are perfectly suited to accept the saddle and rider, and one should not hesitate to use my principles to successfully allow this to happen.


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