See Monty Roberts on Tour

“You wouldn’t see me as committed and joyful now if I thought it was going to end with me. The world is ready to say, ‘ no more violence’.”

At 84, there’s no sign of him slowing down. Monty Roberts is still touring the world, from demonstrations in Europe to training Thoroughbreds in Australia, gentling wild horses in California to Horse Sense & Healing in England (and conferring with Her Majesty about her horses) … Monty Roberts’ schedule is always full of new, exciting challenges as he and his team of Certified Instructors work hard to “leave the world a better place for horses, and people too.”

Tour DateEventLocationTickets
JUNE 2020
21 – 23The Movement 2020CaliforniaMore Info
29 – 3 JulyMonty’s Special Training (Portuguese)CaliforniaMore Info
3 – 7Monty’s Special Training (English)CaliforniaMore Info