September 9, 2020 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: How do you stop a horse from biting?

Hi Monty,

Ruth here from the UK. I am feeling very grateful to “Join-Up” with you on here. I saw you live at Solihull Riding club in the UK, many years ago – fantastic – you stopped a horse from biting in about two minutes – amazing!

Ruth Bailey

Monty’s Answer:

Dear Ruth,

Thank you for your communication regarding a learning curve you experienced after seeing one of my demonstrations. It is so gratifying, at this stage of my life, to sit back and watch the next generation make sense of concepts that I have recognized and dealt with regarding equine behavior. I would like to encourage anyone who feels they have gained from suggestions I’ve made to respond in the way you have. It is my belief that this encourages the next generation to use the non-violent techniques that have enhanced my career for all these decades.

Below is a link to my lesson on biting. It works well.


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