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“A good trainer can cause a horse to do it. A great trainer can cause a horse to want to do it.” ~ Monty Roberts

When Monty was invited by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to England in 1989 to demonstrate his unique concepts of training horses, no one could have predicted the revolutionary effect it set in motion. Monty had shown and trained championship horses his whole life but the breakthrough came when he revealed that he could put a saddle, bridle and rider on an unstarted horse in under 30 minutes, a fraction of the time it took traditional horsemen.

“Does Monty have a gift of Horse Whispering?”
The answer is “Yes, but we all do.”

The patented Dually Halter was created so everyone could do it too. You can literally watch your horse relax and realize what you are asking him to do. Here you won’t find items like whips, or anything to cause pain. Selling those items goes against our core beliefs and doesn’t develop a willing partner. Monty says “Violence is never the answer” and when you train horses in the absence of violence, it ramps up the fun by 1000%.

Everything in our shop is made to meet the needs of horses – and people too. Monty Roberts and our team exist to help you find an authentic, non-violent approach to training. We get that you might not love technology so we made it easy to find what you came here for, be it information, equipment or help. We have what you need to transform your relationship with your horse.

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All Monty Roberts Instructors are certified to teach the Monty Roberts horsemanship courses, including the Monty Roberts Introductory Course and its exam. The Advanced Certification Course can only be completed at The Monty Roberts International Learning Center at Flag Is Up Farms in, California. Click the flags below to view our world map and locate an instructor near you.

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