[Our 2020 Ask Monty tips can be found here]

December. 25 Do you think Join-Up is for dressage queens?

December. 18 My horse has difficulty taking the bit

December. 11 How do you achieve a high performance with horses?

December. 4 Can anyone learn the horses’ language?

November. 27 Does your horse like his blanket?

November. 20 Do you recommend equipment that keeps the horse’s head down?

November. 13 What do you do with a horse that repeatedly runs to the gate?

November. 6 Do you still work with the Queen’s horses?

October. 30 Do your methods make horses more successful?

October. 23 How do horses help humans?

October. 16 Are mustangs different from domestic horses?

October. 10 What’s changed in horse racing?

October. 2 Have horse training methods improved?

September. 25 Do you need Monty’s help?

September. 18 How can we learn to listen to horses?

September. 11 How did you discover the horses’ language?

September. 4 Do you communicate with your horse?

August. 28 What is Join-Up®?

August. 21 Do you start The Queen’s horses every year?

August. 15 What inspired you to dedicate your life to horses?

August. 7 What inspired you to learn more about horses?

July. 31 What is the biggest challenge in your work?

July. 24 Can one person change the world?

July. 17 Have you ever worked with a blind horse?

July. 10 What is the right age to wean a foal?

July. 3 How do you develop a partnership?

June. 26 Is your horse ear shy?

June. 19 Can you hypnotize horses?

June. 12 Will a horse protect a human?

June. 5 Do horses show empathy?

May 29. 19 Do you know a curious horse?

May 22. 19 Do horses feel terror at times?

May 15. 19 Is your horse watching you?

May 8. 19 Are horses spiritual beings?

May 1. 19 What is the best way to start training a racehorse?

April 24. 19 Is your horse consistently listening to you?

April 17. 19 Can you do Join-Up with a bomb proof horse?

April 10. 19 Are you meeting your horse’s needs?

April 3. 19 Is your horse dangerous?

March 27. 19 Do horses enjoy being ridden?

March 20. 19 Who’s using Monty’s methods?

March 13. 19 Will violence in horsemanship ever end?

March 6. 19 Is it safe to ride in a herd?

February 27. 19 Is your horse afraid of some sounds?

February 20. 19 Why would your horse bite you?

February 13. 19 Can you win without a whip?

February 6. 19 Is that horse going to hurt you?

January 30. 19 Are you bullying your horse?

January 23. 19 Is your horse afraid of people?

January 16. 19 Do you kick your horse to make him go forward?

January 7. 19 Is it abusive to carry a crop?

January 2. 19 Do you ride with a whip?