July 22, 2020 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: Have horses ever taken a hit on your confidence?

Hello, I love everything you stand for with making the world a better place for horses. If I could just have one minute of your time with a quick reply. I’m working on a project to help my clients who have been in riding accidents or just lost their confidence. Have you ever taken a hit on your confidence when working with horses or other aspects of your life, if so what did you do to boost yourself up and overcome it? Thank you so much for your time. I have looked up to you my whole life. Tiffany

Monty’s Answer:

Dear Tiffany,

You have to realize that I wasn’t in the horse business until I was three years old. You must be aware that as a child there were many circumstances that frightened me. You should know that my father was one to cast me into situations fraught with danger. My work with horses in a non-violent fashion as I grew up lead me to understand that they mean no harm to a human being. It was then my responsibility to handle each situation as aware of their environment as much as I could possibly be.

Once I was fully aware of the underlying principles of equine life, I could never lose my confidence. I often say to students ‘Look in the mirror. You are the problem, not the horse’. Change your own actions that simply don’t take your confidence away. The better you are a student of the horse, the more confident you will be. When we get it right, there is every reason to be confident.


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