July 15, 2020 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: Does your horse ground tie?

I have started to ask my horses to ground tie, often side-by-side for tacking up and just working with them on the ground asking them to be quiet and stand by themselves without fussing against the gate, or a rope or anything. I have also started to take a few minutes before every ride to let them stand tacked up quietly, ground tied, and have noticed them actually dozing off and kind of meditate. It has made a huge difference in how quiet and calm they are on the trail. What do you think of this technique? Is it a good thing to ask horses to stand ground tied while tacking up?

Kerry Mellin

Monty’s Answer:

Dear Kerry,

Congratulations for taking the time to make these observations. I have no problem with the ground tie procedure. I simply would want no chance that the horse could step on a rein and injure his mouth. I feel sure you have taken measures to prevent this.

Your discovery that relaxation extends itself to circumstances later in the day’s experiences is impressive. It is so true that relaxation and cooperation build on the human observation that these circumstances are comfort inducing.


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