August 5, 2020 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: What is the best age for Join-Up?

Hi Monty, I’m a new horse owner and I have a 20-month-old colt I’ve never done a Join-Up with. He’s already pretty connected to me. Would it benefit me to do one and should I wait until he’s a little older?

Thanks, Kevin B.

Monty’s Answer:

Dear Kevin,

My book, From My Hands to Yours, has a section on what I recommend regarding when and how much to do in the area of Join-Up. If you read that, you will realize that you are already well past the point where I would have done my first Join-Up with them. It is my position that Join-Up done properly will always be beneficial.

Twenty months is a prime time to be sure that the horse is familiar with a partnership with human beings. I recommend the first is shortly after weaning. By twenty months I would be doing 2 to 3 Join-Ups within a week’s time. Get busy and I think you will find it beneficial.


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