April 29, 2020 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: Can you Join-Up with a bull?

Dear Monty Roberts,

I am amazed at your work with horses in the circle enclosure. When they Join-Up with you it makes me want to cry. I love the way you explain what they are going through.

Your non-violent training thoughts and practice is very encouraging to me. I have had some success in Canada with a team of Zebu oxen and in India with Tarparka breed of bulls, pure white. I am going to have to deal with some older bulls in the US soon. I started training them for one year and then couldn’t get back into the U.S.. So now they will be five years older.

Do you think if I built a round pen like you use, and brought one in, he would respond with the same result as when your horses Join-Up?


Monty’s Answer:

Dear Anthony,

Admittedly, I have never attempted Join-Up with the the breed of cattle that you speak of. I have done Join-Up with many domestic breeds of cattle, along with certain breeds of pigs sheep and even goats. I suppose one of the odd breeds that makes me the proudest is the Pacific Coast Mule deer. I spent two hours with them this morning and I certainly believe there is no harm in getting close to them or in a large family group at this particular stage in my sheltering in place.

It is my recommendation that you be as careful as possible. Don’t expect miracles in a short period of time. Time and skills of observation will cause you to be a success. The lack of either one of those will tend to cause you to fail. I would be interested to have you communicate to us about how it is going and further communications.


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