May 27, 2020 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: How do you break the chain of violence?

I know this will not be responded to or only the auto-response that you always send. That’s OK – I don’t need a response, but I hope Monty might see this or be told about it – though on the other hand, he’ll probably get lots of messages like mine. I hope so.

I’m a psychotherapist and have worked with trauma for 25 years – often due to family violence of one kind or another – and I’m filled with respect for you, Mr. Roberts. You allowed the Sister to influence you when you were young, and developed a way of knowing who to trust, especially Mrs. Roberts and the Queen. You have lived, I’m sure imperfectly because none of us is perfect, an exemplary life. I’m so grateful for your work with horses and humans, and feel quite sure that represents your attitude to all living creatures.

Your life is a blessing to all of us.


Monty’s Answer:

Dear Melissa:

Please do not ever harbor the notion that a message like this is less than music to my ears. If my life has been led as you have described, and I believe it has, then to be reminded of the wonderful work of people such as Sister Agnes Patricia and The Queen is a joy far more important than most people would ever realize. Please do not think that the decisions I made as a child have been entirely easy.

None of us can report that we live in a perfect world or that those around us respect and encourage us to live in the fashion that Sister Agnes Patricia wanted for me. Your experience will tell you that you yourself have disappointments within a close proximity that you only wish could see the light. Your message and your presence is critically important to me especially in April, 2020. I pray for your safety and your contentment.


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