Project Description

Gentling Wild Horses

Join~Us each summer for the experience of a lifetime! Gentle wild horses in California with Monty Roberts.

This course will give students the opportunity to use Monty Roberts’ non-violent methods with untouched (wild) horses.

Students will observe and have ‘hands-on’ lessons according to their levels of skill. They will work in the unique facility, the ‘IFA Untouched Gentling Pen,’ which is designed for the humane treatment of wild horses, and the safety of horse and handler.

Be part of the experience of horse’s first touch by human hand and of the process, which allows them to be haltered, led, groomed and have their feet picked up. It is a fantastic way to learn more about the nature of the horse, as untouched horses are a very good ‘mirror’ to learn more about oneself as well.

This course is open for everyone (at any horsemanship skill level or those completely new to horses), but ‘hands-on’ sessions will be limited to the skill set of each individual.

Monty Roberts Gentling Wild Horses RosetteA rosette token of accomplishment* will be provided upon completing the course.

*Please note, the rosettes token does not make a statement about the holder’s status as a horse trainer and does not contribute towards certification which is only available through the Certification program.  




August 2021 2 – 13


Contact us for an offline booking or further information.

Booking a Course

Once you have placed the order for your space in the upcoming course, our Monty Roberts Certified Instructors will contact you to confirm receiving the order and also answer any questions you may have regarding participation. We will also provide additional enrollment paperwork which will need to be filled out and submitted prior to attending.  

While accommodations are not provided onsite, we do have connections with many local area hotels in Solvang, and Buellton.  Please review our Transportation and Accommodation worksheet found here.

Monty Roberts Online University

Included in the course is a three-month subscription to Monty Roberts’ Online University. This online learning tool will support your continuing education in Monty’s methods. If you are currently an Online University member, we will extend your subscription at the end of the course.