March 31, 2021 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: What do you love most about working with horses?

Monty’s Answer:

What I love most about working with horses is the incredible gratification I feel when the horse clearly demonstrates to me that they are in favor of my techniques. It is amazing for me to work with horses globally, watch them achieve and express a clear acceptance of my work and then listen to critics who have their opinions about why my concepts are not effective.

With a team in England, I completed a science trial where I worked with seven horses every day (30 minutes) for twenty-two days. It was an iron clad purely scientific study. The trial compared Join-Up® to UK conventional methods. Every aspect was kept equal and pure. I was over-joyed at the conclusion and as the preliminary results are coming in I am literally ecstatic.

It is absolutely true that if I began to describe for you all things that I love about working with horses there wouldn’t be enough room here to accommodate my answers. I am truly a human being who is doing what he loves to do.

Should horsemen choose to learn and utilize my techniques they too would experience this joy. It is an overwhelming condition of the mind by which ones entire life changes. When the full extent of my concepts are understood and utilized an appreciation for life in general comes over one, your friends, family and work mates will all benefit and your animals will find a joyous existence.


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