March 10, 2021 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: How did you discover your skills?

Monty’s Answer:

Since there were no human beings to offer even a gateway to the concepts I have discovered, it was necessary to reach to the animals for the secrets of communication and understanding. Thoroughly studying the subject in question, it was clear that no one had found even the suggestion of these concepts, in stone, on the early caves we so often depend upon to uncover historical events.

The wild horses of the North American continent had risen in population to approximately two million. In the 1940s, conditions offered ample opportunity to study these wonderful creatures. I was hungry for knowledge and fortunate to exist in an environment that was conducive to satisfying that appetite, the Mustangs became my professors as well as my friends.

Certainly there was human assistance as well, however it was more in the area of encouragement or discouragement that my two legged friends provided. The number of people providing encouragement was extremely small while there were legions of those who would ridicule me, or even resort to physical abuse. Those who brought encouragement to me were profound however and won out in the end.


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