February 17, 2021 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: Is your horse reactive?

I would like to ask Monty how I can help my horse who we bought as a gelding in 2016 from a rescue center close to where we live in Manitoba, Canada. Tully, as he was called, had been sold through an auction and was a Paint cross heavy horse, guessing perhaps Belgian. He was about five years old and had been lounged and haltered but nothing else. We brought him home to replace an older mare who we were retiring as she was in her 20’s so we kept them separate for a while on the other side of the fence then put them together with our two mares which he started to herd around and jump them.

We found out that he was not castrated properly so got our veterinarian to operate and geld him successfully. Then we sent him to a trainer who advised us he might always be spooky so we brought him home and I decided to train him myself along with my husband. We were able to ride him but after two spooks at ducks on the water and also a dog running behind him in the round pen I came off with stitches in my chin and was nervous of what to do to help Tully as this was not his fault just his quick reaction.

We had him at another trainer last spring but the trainer was quite aggressive with Tully and I really feel he needs quiet handling as he is very sensitive and always watching what is going on. Quick to react. I want to find a solution to this. I have had a lot of learning about horse training and really want to be able to give confidence to Tully and myself too. What would your advice be to help us both?

Shona D.

Monty’s Answer:

Dear Shona,

For a deep understanding of, and personal lessons on, how to execute these concepts, I have a school: the Monty Roberts International Learning Center and you can book courses and physically learn how to execute these non-violent procedures. I am here at the Farm, dedicated to educating the world, and available to you.

Your question is broad based as I have ever heard. What you are asking me to do is explain each of the concepts I have learned in my lifetime. It’s all there in my From My Hands to Yours, a textbook with photographs and diagrams. It is impossible to include a full course in my concepts in one answer. It is also true that I have over 650 lessons on my Online University: MontyRobertsUniversity.com.

Those two items could in fact give you the full breadth of my concepts for a fraction of what you would have paid trainers. I would advise you to first study the language and nature of the horse, Equus. This will help build yours and your horse’s confidence. From there, all of the concepts will grow. All of us can relate to the flight animal at some point. Thank you for reaching out.


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