February 24, 2021 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: How do you overcome abuse?

You are so inspirational! I watched you as a kid growing up and grew up with horses but fell out after I lost my beloved Palomino, Love, but more recently again after 9 years of having horses again, I need your help. I feel I have let my horse down on so many levels trying different techniques…he was a rescue but more now than ever before his personality has changed. Our mare Alpha (oh she was amazing just an amazing horse I miss her so much ) had to be put down over 6 months ago and he started to change. I know a lot has to do with me if 98 percent of it…

He is head shy, hates needles, he is hard for vets to handle and has great potential. And he can be a sweet horse. I know he had to have been beaten in the past. I Love him though I don’t care about why he is being sour, I just want to know what I can do to help him not be…we recently got another horse for my daughter (we have 3 now) and I don’t want to mess him up…I want to make him the best for my daughter and I am dedicated to doing it right. I was abused as a kid so watching every video has inspired me and also reminded me that I can do better…I am not a believer is physical punishment, but I have popped a horse on their shoulder if they went to bite me.

I am seriously in tears right now because everything you say and have said is everything I believe and feel is morally right with God’s animals and it is the foundation of my soul… but I need help so I can help my horses…how and what do I need to do to help my horses and myself…I pray you respond because I don’t know which way to turn. Thank You for your time reading this email.

God bless,

Heather B.

Monty’s Answer:

Dear Heather,

I so appreciate this question. The reason I am impressed is that you are admitting that you need help. So many owners simply want to know how to solve a specific problem. It is my belief that those of us who deal with horses realize that all problems are caused by humans and they are basically sharing a common denominator.

Please understand that I have an Online University. It is extremely affordable and there are over 650 separate video lessons available on it. I have a textbook, From My Hands to Yours, that outlines my concepts from A to Z. Realizing that you need help, it would be foolhardy of me to begin to speak specifically about solving any of the problems that you have. I am simply not trying to help individuals with specific problems. It is my goal to assist the horsemen of the world in immolating my concepts so as to better understand each of the problems you face.

My Dually Halter would seem to me to help you if properly used. I guarantee you, I could fix these problems in a very short period of time. That is not the answer. I am obsessed with people who care to learn my concepts so that they can solve each of these problems in the absence of violence.

Striking the horse on the shoulder for biting is not the answer for biting horses. What is the answer, you might ask? These answers are available in virtually every aspect of what my team and I are sending out to the world for horse lovers who care enough to learn to solve virtually every problem you can think of without abusing the horse in any way. Perhaps you have read that I won 11 world championships. This accomplishment was reached having not struck a horse since 1949.

I was 14 and I hit a horse at my father’s insistence. When that session was complete, I told my father I would never hit another horse again. I have fulfilled that obligation. Pain and violence toward any flight animal is the silliest thing that any human being could ever do.


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