September. 18, 2019 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: How can we learn to listen to horses?

How can we learn to listen to horses? Can anyone learn the horses’ language or does it require a special talent?

Monty’s Answer:

For the past 30 years, I have set out to show the world how my concepts have improved the lives of horses. It has not been easy. The books I’ve written have helped, and my Monty Roberts University online has exposed my concepts globally. There are massively more ways to learn today than there ever has been in the 6000 years since we domesticated the first horses. It does not require a special talent, only a desire to learn.

An email was delivered to me recently from a woman who had attended one of my demos in the 1990s. She wrote “My mom sent me these scrapbook pages that she did, and I thought Monty might enjoy seeing them. She and I were at that demonstration and it really changed how we handled horses. I remember it was quite a scandal in the horse community there at the time, like he was a witch doctor or something. I’m really glad those times have changed!”

“I remember, I started my first colt shortly after going to that demonstration. I think that was the nicest thing they could say in rural Nevada at that time. “Gently” breaking! I have another horse that I rescued from a typical cowboy that hobbled and blindfolded him as a 3 year old in a pen full of cattle. It took lot of Join-Ups to get his trust back, but he is 25 years old now, and he’s been my best bud, and an awesome jumper, for all those years. Thanks for all that you do for the horses and for the veterans!” Cass H.



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