September. 11, 2019 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: How did you discover the horses’ language?

How did you discover and define Equus – the horses’ language?

Monty’s Answer:

It is fair for me to say that mustangs, the wild horses, out in the wilderness gave me the fundamental basis by which I began to understand their communication. I first learned to listen to horses while observing wild mustangs in Nevada at the age of thirteen. Sent there to round up horses for the Salinas Rodeo Association’s Wild Horse Race, I spent hours silently watching the feral horses interact with each other.

I soon realized horses use a discernible and predictable body language to communicate, to set boundaries, show fear and express annoyance, relaxation or affection. In a moment that would change my life, I understood that utilizing this silent body language would allow training to commence in a much more effective and humane manner, encouraging true partnership between horses and me. Join-Up would become the foundation of all my work with horses and later people, too.



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