September. 25, 2019 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: Do you need Monty’s help?

How can a horse owner get helped with a problem, can they write to you?

Monty’s Answer:

I answer a lot of questions throughout the week, whether on tour in person, by email through this newsletter, in the classroom facilitating a course or through my Online University where there are approximately 800 archived Questions and my Answers and over 575 video lessons on different situations involving horses, with notes and challenges. It is probably far more educational than an email or a telephone call can ever be. The courses in my school and the 70+ instructors holding courses can also add an educational component to produce better trained horses.

We are here for the horse owner who has a challenge, and I appreciate people who are willing to reach out and learn. In my opinion, there is no such thing as teaching, there is only learning. I believe it is my obligation to create an environment in which the student can learn, whether human or horse.



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