July 29, 2020 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: Is your horse chomping on the bit?

My mare chomps at the bit when she starts to get anxious she has a nervous problem from previous riding, how do I stop this? She stops for a minute when I say no?

Debra M Savan

Monty’s Answer:

Don’t just say no. I can say no to you, and you and I know what it means. The horse will understand tone and is sensitive to the vibrations of the spoken word. If it helps you to say the word ‘no’ because you feel there is an improvement in the behavior of your horse, then go ahead and continue to say no but simply realize that no and whoa are far beyond any capability of the horse to differentiate. The answer to your question, as it comes to me after 80 years of dealing with horses, is to learn what I have discovered in terms of causing the horse to be comfortable and responsive to requests made by you.

I realize that it is impossible for you to paraphrase each and every problem you and your horse share. The good news is in this that because of my 80 years of study, the information is there. In recent years it has been reduced to the written word in eight books. It is clearly defined in over 600 lessons on my Online University.

There is no way that I could ever seek out from afar each of the actions you are doing properly, nor could I identify what I consider to be actions I consider improper. The point is that I clearly believe I have surpassed all other horse persons in the area of living in the world of Equus. It’s also fair to add that I have lived since the discovery of motion pictures, videos and the computer, which have helped to document and verify Equus.

If I have any exceptional powers, it is my opinion that they lay in the area of ‘observation’. I miss very little in what a horse is trying to convey. Modern technology has allowed me to capture these behavioral traits. Read about them. Visually assess them and put them to work. You will be amazed at the uplift you will experience with your horse.

It is my solemn promise to you that if you follow this advice you will answer the questions that I simply cannot identify without my presence. Should you follow my advice I promise you will likely not assume that I fell short of my answer to you. At 85, I don’t care how many books or video lessons are purchased but I do care how my inquiring horse persons solve the problems. Give me 6-8 months of following this advice and then please report to me the outcome I have generated.


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