October. 23, 2019 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: How do horses help humans?

You’ve created special programs for veterans, abused children, people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). What is it about the impact of horses on these people?

Monty’s Answer:

Those familiar with my thoughts on healing should know that I don’t believe there should be a D in PTSD. The D in PTSD should have been an I and stand for Injury. Going to war and coming home with extreme trauma is an injury and not a disorder. Injuries heal and disorders tend not to. This helps veterans avoid becoming a victim of a system that does not train them to re-enter civilian life. Instead, the horses help participants grow to trust again.

Trust is the essential ingredient in horses helping humans. When humans can get their anatomy to convince a horse to trust them, then the horses realize that trust is possible. Horses are flight animals and to gain their trust, we must get our physiology right. Emotional control, breathing and communication are part of the skill sets that participants gain from the horses in order to achieve Join-Up® in our Horse Sense & Healing program .

We accept veterans and first responders plus their supporters. Since 2010, we have been amazed at the healing and the ripple effect through families that horses have had. Read more about the program here, and consider supporting the program through the non-profit. The horses and our military and first responders deserve it.


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