November. 6, 2019 – Ask Monty Newsletter

Question: Do you still work with the Queen’s horses?

Do you still go to England to visit and work with the Queen’s horses?

Monty’s Answer:

Yes, in fact, England is on my current schedule for two months of every year. While I tour the country to do demonstrations, each visit will include at least one stop involving Her Majesty and the horses of the royal family. So far I have made something close to thirty-five trips involving the Queen and the Queen’s horses.

However, these are directed more at the people involved in training horses for the Royal Family than for the horses themselves. Her Majesty continues to be vitally interested in my getting my message to as many horsepeople as possible, and certainly this includes those who train and care for the royal stables.

Her Majesty’s interests include an incredibly wide range of horses and disciplines. There are those horses that are kept for personal rides virtually daily, as well as those that race. The native ponies of Scotland have become very popular with the Royal Family, and many of these ponies have been seen winning championships at major English horse shows for decades now.


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