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Monty Roberts Certified Instructors


“My greatest accomplishment was learning to be gentle; without that I feel I would have achieved nothing.” ~ Monty Roberts

Heidrun enjoyed a humanistic education and at a very early age discovered her special passion for music and horses. After graduating as a sound-engineer, she worked in the production of advertisements and was co-partner of a leading Swiss recording studio. She worked with customers and their business clients as a technical and creative coach optimizing their products. Fascinated by Monty’s methods, Heidrun worked with horse trainers in Europe and America to improve her skills in training horses as well as in human resource management.

She became a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor in 2009. From the intensive work with Monty and his instructors she learned the language of Equus and laid the cornerstone of her new horse profession. She is excited to share her knowledge with others.

Heidrun believes in the positive behavior of humans and horses. Her main goal is to work with horses and humans in a partnership based on non-violent communication systems. Heidrun runs her own business near Zurich. She teaches Monty’s methods, works with horses and gives corporate and individual personal trainings.

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Originally from Basel, Switzerland, Petra grew up with horses and has been riding for almost all her life. Fascinated by Monty´s non-violent way to work with horses, she started studying these concepts in 2005. She has been working with different Monty Roberts Instructors and horse trainers in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, England and the USA. In 2009 Petra was a member of the German tour team and part of the core staff during Monty´s science trials in England. In 2009 and 2010 she spent several weeks working at a horse rescue center and completing her internship at Flag Is Up Farms in California. After having become an Instructor in May 2010 Petra is now working with horses and teaching classes in Switzerland and Germany in cooperation with Denise Heinlein and Laura Roberts.
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Nathalie Hörning has been around horses since her early childhood. She started vaulting whilst living in Brazil when she was 5 and changed her focus to Dressage and Showjumping when she returned to Switzerland. Nathalie first read Monty’s book when she was 13 and was fascinated by this non-violent way of training horses so, in 2010, she began her education in his concepts. After finishing High School, Nathalie traveled around the world to intern with several of Monty’s international Instructors gaining invaluable experience she hopes to pass on to future students. Nathalie received her Certification in 2014, becoming an official Instructor and will be attending University in England to study for her BSc. in Equestrian Psychology and Sports Science. She is fluent in English, German, French and Portuguese and looks forward to holding courses in all these languages.

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