Solvang, CA, August 31, 2017:  Even world-famous horse trainers can be awed by opportunities when they recognize a chance of a lifetime. At 82, while on tour in Europe, Monty Roberts received an invitation to demonstrate his methods of Join-Up® in the famous school on the 2nd July, 2017 in Vienna. Horsemanship Radio asked Roberts to share his experience in a special interview, no other outside trainer has ever been able to grant. 
On September 1, 2017 Horsemanship Radio will post the full length interview with Monty Roberts at 

The traditional Spanish Riding School, where the art of classic dressage education has been cultivated for 465 years, opened its doors for the first time for a demonstration of horse mastership by a trainer other than one of their own. Roberts’ understanding of horses is characterized by body language and based on the natural behavior of Equus, the flight animal which recognizes intent and will follow and work with a trustworthy horseman. Roberts has won nine world championships himself in the show ring, as well as training countless champions in his storied career. 
Monty sees himself as a gentler of horses who encourages all breeds to a trusting relationship with humans in all disciplines. Roberts accepted the invitation to demonstrate at the Spanish Riding School as,  “…a dream fulfilled. I always wanted to go see the Spanish Riding School” said Roberts. “This was a pivotal day in my life. You could call it the pinnacle. I am 82 but I feel 12 years old!”
The Spanish Riding School brought Roberts five horses of different origins, one untrained, one to gentle, two with problems and one that refused to load in a trailer. One belonged to the Head of Communications for the School, Andrea Kerssenbrock: 

“I’m in love with my horse and the bond between us became stronger than before this unique experience. I appreciate so much that we have had these days with Monty.” said Kerssenbrock, owner of Amos who was the first mount in the demonstration that night. She and her husband Franziskus von Kerssenbrock brought Amos for Roberts to train. “Amos behaved like a real ‘champion’ – relaxed and trusting. We’re supposed to take good care of him, the deeply impressed Monty Roberts gave us the way. We will!”

Each horse was dealt with in the absence of violence and all five met their intended goals. Listen to more on September 1, 2017 on