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Monty Roberts Certified Instructors


“My greatest accomplishment was learning to be gentle; without that I feel I would have achieved nothing.”

Anna offers horsemanship courses and Equus coaching in the beautiful Algarve, South Portugal. Anna was born in Hamburg, Germany and was certified by Monty Roberts as an instructor in 2004. She lived and studied at Monty’s Flag Is Up Farms in California from 2002 to 2005. Anna was trained extensively in the methods of Join-Up® and herself taught courses up to the Advanced level at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center. She traveled with Monty to his demonstrations on tour in the United States, Spain and Germany and demonstrated Join-Up® in front of audiences. Now she lives in Portugal where she runs her own academy and training facility with husband Claudio, a veterinarian. She regularly teaches courses in Portugal, Spain, Brazil and Germany. Anna is also certified as Coach for The Work of Byron Katie and as an Equus coach by Koelle Simpson. Anna’s main goal is to bring together people and horses to help and support each other.

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