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Monty Roberts Certified Instructors


“My greatest accomplishment was learning to be gentle; without that I feel I would have achieved nothing.” ~ Monty Roberts

There is not a more amazing moment than the moment of Join-Up. That is what Brenda Kooiman discovered about 8 years ago, when she took the first steps of Join-Up with a 4-year-old horse after reading Monty’s textbook, From My hands to Yours. At that moment she fell in love with these methods and when she moved to America two years later for work, she started a life-changing study of Monty Roberts concepts. Now, four years later, after working with lots of horses with problems she can call herself, with pride, a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor. Brenda received her certificate in 2012. Now she is back in the Netherlands, creating “a better place for horses and people, too”.

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