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Monty Roberts Certified Instructors


“My greatest accomplishment was learning to be gentle; without that I feel I would have achieved nothing.” ~ Monty Roberts

Gabriel Coglianese became the first Italian Monty Roberts Certified Instructor in August 2009. In 2006 he attended the Andrea Kutsch Academy in Berlin for further studies on Equine Science and Communication. In later years he worked with Monty Roberts certified instructors and trainers in Europe mainly in Germany, England and Holland. From 2008 to present Gabriel has been part of the team that accompanied Monty Roberts in international tours as the demonstration rider. In January 2012, Gabriel founded “Trynarca” a training center for people and horses located in Tuscany, Italy.
Christiane, born in 1980, originally from the Black Forest, Germany, dedicated her life to horses from an early age. She started riding when she was 8 years old and spent lots of time at the riding school helping others just to be able to get her hands on the horses and ponies. When she finished school she qualified and worked as a Veterinary Assistant in a horse clinic. From 2006 to 2009 she worked with Instructors and horse trainers who were using Monty’s concepts in Germany, England, Holland and America as well as working with and learning from Monty himself. Since 2008 Christiane has been part of the main team when Monty is touring through Germany, Ireland and Austria and played a part in the demos doing Join-Ups or training the non-loaders. In August 2009 she received her Certified Instructor license of Monty Roberts Horsemanship and since then she has been working with horses and teaching Monty’s courses in Italy.

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