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How sensitive is your horse?


Question: My horse is very sensitive in the flank and the stifle area. When I am grooming her, she seems to get very angry. She puts her ears back and even acts as though she would kick me. When I brush or touch her in the area of the flank or the stifle, she moves [...]

How sensitive is your horse?2013-06-18T22:01:30-07:00

Why We Love Horses


What I love most about working with horses is the incredible gratification I feel when the horse clearly demonstrates to me that they are in favor of my techniques. It is amazing for me to work with horses globally, watch them achieve and express a clear acceptance of my work and then listen to critics [...]

Why We Love Horses2013-06-14T05:53:17-07:00

Upcoming Monty Roberts Special Training Workshop


Come and  discover what horses have to teach us about  building lowering stress, and  building trust at the Monty Roberts Special Training  to be held at Flag Is Up Farms, in Solvang, California, from August 5-9, 2013. “This intensive five-day training is the perfect environment for connecting with peers who know that horses have a [...]

Upcoming Monty Roberts Special Training Workshop2013-06-06T10:01:18-07:00

The Starting Gate for Sensitive Racehorses


Thank you very much for your question and I must say that I have been in France having fun with two horses that seemed to go into the starting stalls without any problem. The issue was that each of them refused to leave the starting stall when the gates flew open and the race was [...]

The Starting Gate for Sensitive Racehorses2013-06-05T07:24:40-07:00
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