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August 2020

July 2020

Ask Monty: Does your horse ground tie?

I have no problem with the ground tie procedure. I simply would want no chance that the horse could step on a rein and injure his mouth. I feel sure you have taken measures to prevent this. Your discovery that relaxation extends itself to circumstances later in the day's experiences is impressive. It is so true that relaxation and cooperation build on the human observation that these circumstances are comfort inducing.

Ask Monty: How do you separate bonded horses?

I'm attempting to separate my gelding from stable mate. He has severe separation anxiety. What do you suggest? ... Don’t leave him alone! My best advice is to take him to a neighbor’s place where they have a safe holding facility and leave him near other horses to begin the process of separation.

Ask Monty: Do horses ever forget past abuse?

Do horses ever forget past abuse? I'd love some advice to help more safely handle my 11-year-old Quarter Horse gelding. He is a former ranch horse who we believe was handled roughly; he can go from being relaxed, to spooky and reactive. He typically seems to be more reactive when in an enclosed space, and feels "trapped".

June 2020

Ask Monty: How do you discipline a horse without force?

Horses are flight animals and, in addition, they are classified as grazers. Horses typically eat grass. This grass grows from the ground and never runs away from them. Their food is provided by nature and is most often never touched by human hand before being eaten.

Ask Monty: Does your horse bite you?

I have a horse who is a retired lesson horse who I adopted from my trainer. He turns 26 this month, I started the Dually Halter with him and my question is, will I be able to change some behaviors he has done like biting me when I mount him since he has been allowed to do this his whole life?

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