Monty Roberts Transfers his Concepts of Trust-Based Accountability to the Work Place

Monty Roberts has teamed up with The Corporate Learning Institute to create Horse Sense for Organizations. New York Times best-selling author Monty Roberts is serious about transferring his concepts of trust-based accountability to the work place. Monty and Pat Roberts, Inc. (MPRI), and The Corporate Learning Institute have just announced the launch of a brand new series of business development services, Horse Sense for Organizations. The new services offer a window into Monty Roberts’ life, with its success stories and setbacks as case studies.

“We are launching a series of workshops, retreats and resources aimed at applying Monty’s lessons to the workplace,” Monty Roberts’ Vision Strategist Debbie Roberts-Loucks stated. The four new workshops and retreats include an exciting night with Monty Roberts showcasing his equine discoveries, an organizational development how-to, leadership development training and a team building workshop. Each workshop will focus on the trust-based accountability process that Monty developed for horses.

“The same process that a human leader utilizes for helping to calm and win the trust of a horse is exceptionally useful at work,” Roberts-Loucks remarked. “Trust is the foundation of work performance and motivation, and we have identified the process steps for helping leaders lead with more accountability and increased trust. We think that will be very useful in today’s workplace,” she said.
MRPI has joined forces with CLI, the Corporate Learning Institute, and a Chicago-based training consultancy. CLI’s managing partner Dr. Susan Cain will head up the new services. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Debbie and Monty to provide a great new line-up of training  workshops and eBooks. Clients can expect to see an innovative series of workshops that capture Monty’s business lessons as well as the application of his approach to the human leadership world,” Dr. Cain remarked. The new books will include A Lifetime of Business Lessons from The Man Who Listens to Horses, Leadership Lessons from The Man who Listens to Horses, and Building Effective Teams from The Man Who Listens to Horses.
The eBooks are now available. “The eBooks will offer insights and lessons learned from Monty’s life and practice,” Dr. Cain concluded.
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