Mojo is a 2010 chestnut gelding, 14.1hh with lots of chrome. This horse’s attitude and acceptance of everything asked of him makes him an outstanding candidate to be a Willing Partner. For his age, he shows maturity and his trusting nature is apparent in all that he does. Mojo was bred, raised and trained on the farm by Monty and Pat and their team. Pat has always enjoyed running the breeding program, choosing the correct stallion to cross on her broodmares in order to produce the best and brightest young horses possible. Since the 1960′s, she has managed to produce champions in both performance as well as in halter competitions. There are currently three Willing Partners who have come from Pat’s program: Nic’s Mojo, Dox Starlight and CU Sudden.


Watch Mojo performing over a challenging obstacle course, then herding a cow over it (!) with ease:

Mojo meets a pig: