After closely observing the horse industry for more than 70 years now, I have been able to establish any changes that might have occurred when dealing with headshy horses. Many recent events would clearly indicate to the horse world that the concepts of schooling the headshy horse have remained essentially the same for the past 70 years and possibly much further back than that.


This video represents the first full disclosure of the entirely new concept that I have discovered, which we will call the Monty Roberts Centaur Method. This is the act of riding a quiet, cooperative horse while building on the platform established through Join-Up, Follow-Up and the use of the Dually Halter to work with the headshy horse from a different position than handling from the ground.

The importance of the centaur training method of is not likely to be fully appreciated until tens of thousands of horsepeople see it. It is desperately needed on a global basis because it sets the pattern for nonviolent training. It clearly illustrates how effective it is to communicate in the absence of violence, force or intimidation.

It is my opinion that the discovery I have made, that I will call ‘centaur’, will eventually change the world of dealing with headshy horses. It is my hope that from there is will go on to significantly reduce the number of headshy horses that are created by individuals who know no other way but force.

– Monty Roberts

What are the benefits of Monty Roberts’ Centaur Training Method?
Safe approach to touching sensitive areas of headshy horses
Effective in dealing with even the most phobic headshy horses
Successful in building trust between trainer and headshy horse
Fast method to help headshy horses overcome their fears

Why does it work?
– It provides the fearful horse with a calm companion horse
– It initially reshapes the human and presents the fearful stimulus (touching the head) into a new form (trainer + horse = centaur) that the phobic horse does not immediately mistrust