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Monty Roberts Certified Instructors

United States of America

“My greatest accomplishment was learning to be gentle; without that I feel I would have achieved nothing.” ~ Monty Roberts

Maya has an extensive and varied background with horses, her main focus having been racing and hunting. Her path with Monty started in 1998 and she was a member of the Monty Roberts International Learning Center development team and in 2000 became one of the first six people to become a Certified Instructor. Maya was based in Dorset, England where she ran her own business working with young horses for starting, remedial horses, racehorses and hunters. In 2007 she became the Head Instructor for the MRILC at Flag is Up Farms and moved to California where she was an integral part of the whole farm and educating hundreds of students in Monty’s methods. In 2012 Maya was recognized as one of Monty’s six Master Instructors around the world. In 2014 after seven and a half years at the farm, Maya journeyed out into America with her horses, it started with 6 months at a large QH breeding operation in Montana working with some great horses and now 2015 has brought Maya back to North East California where she is living on a large cattle ranch and working with many horses. Maya is certified as a Monty Roberts Master Instructor and she is a member of our Instructor’s Committee. She is in a position to offer training or help with your horses.
Hannah Campbell Zapletal has been Monty Roberts Certified Instructor in Cumming, Georgia since 2000. Hannah and her husband Petr own and operate WildeWood Farm, Inc. Hannah teaches Monty’s courses and also offers training, riding lessons, showing, and camps for both adults and children. Hannah grew up on a training and breeding farm in Haiti where her family helped re-introduce the horses and buggy technology.

After coming to the States in 1993 to attend university, she started WildeWood Farm, Inc. while attending school. Our family oriented farm bustles with children, many animals, and a love and respect of horses and their people. Hannah has coached several high school teams (IEA) to nationals, a student holds a world title, and has many local and regional titles with other students. Hannah is dedicated to preserving a loving, respectful, firm yet not violent approach to horses and even more importantly her students.

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Kasia Tomaszewicz (Roether) has been involved with Monty Roberts’ organization since 2001. Born and raised in Poland, Kasia spent 5 years at Flag Is Up Farms and went through very intense training out there, both at the Thoroughbred barn and Monty Roberts International Learning Center. She also achieved her therapeutic riding instructor’s diploma and successfully used her knowledge at Taylor Made, one of the most famous Thoroughbred farms in Kentucky. Kasia shares her experience with Polish horsemen, organizes classes on non-violent training and implements those concepts helping with human to human relations. After 7 years of training foals and sales preparation at one of the premiere Thoroughbred farms in Central California, Kasia once again is involved into teaching and training with groups and individuals. Kasia has been certified with Monty Roberts since 2004 and is a Master Instructor.
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Amanda was born and raised in rural Maine and started riding at age 5. Her passion for horses continued, and at age 13 after reading his book “The Man Who Listens To Horses” she wrote a letter to Monty Roberts. It was in that letter she expressed her commitment to one day travel to his farm in California and learn his methods of horsemanship. For several years Amanda traveled back and forth from Maine to California, working with and learning from any horse she could along the way. In 2011 she became a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor and returned to Maine to continue her work with horses. Her goal is to help people understand their horses, and develop a better relationship. It is with that goal in mind Amanda teaches Monty Roberts Courses, works with both horse and human to open up lines of communication and performs equine bodywork to ensure the horse maintains a sound mind and body.
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Courtney grew up in Pony Club in North Carolina and has dedicated her life to her passion for working with, and understanding, horses. After competing in hunter/jumpers through college, she graduated from ECU with a degree in Psychology, skills that help her when working with the human aspects of our beloved horse world.

Courtney became a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor in 2011 and moved to California to work as a resident instructor at the MRILC and eventually resident Head Instructor in 2012, mentoring many other instructors since then. In California she fell in love with the western culture, particularly cow horses.
Courtney’s passion for working with horses, and understanding their behaviors, has since taken her from competing and working with high level cow horse trainers, to managing a world-renowned Arabian breeding operation, to Thoroughbred sales in Europe, to working as a tech handling horses at the acclaimed Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center.

Through consulting calls, video assessments, and on-site coaching, Courtney uses her wide-spread experience and connections in the horse industry to help people take the frustrations out of their horse-human relationships.

Katelynn was born and raised in Vegas and started riding when she was ten years old. Her passion for horses quickly became her lifestyle and she was consumed with everything equestrian. Even at a young age, she used a violent free way of training. At 13 she adopted a wild mustang and competed in the Mustang Makeover yearling edition where she placed 2nd. She continued training her mustang and competing in 4H while in school. She later acquired a love for barrel racing and now competes in local shows. She met Monty at Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas in 2011 and soon after came to visit the farm. Her love for mustangs and young horses tied in perfectly with the Monty Robert’s training method so she took her Introductory Course in October of 2012. She dedicated herself to learning and became an Instructor in May of 2015. Katelynn currently lives in Las Vegas where she offers courses and riding lessons.
Rachel’s passion for horses started at a young age. With a family history of horse trainers, and horse lovers, it was almost inevitable that Rachel would follow in the footsteps of her grandfather. Rachel first learned of Monty Roberts in 2001 and since has used his methods internationally backing, handling and producing horses for a number of professional international riders giving the horses a solid foundation for their ridden career. Working in many spheres of the horse industry, such as racing, show jumping, polo and eventing, Rachel has a board range of experience with horses.

In 2016 Rachel became a Certified Monty Roberts Instructor and will continue spreading Monty’s word by running courses in the UK and in the USA. Alongside this, Rachel will use her BA in Childhood Practices to run clinics for children and young people as a way to develop attachments, build trust, confidence and promote self-esteem.

Jamie Jennings was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Jamie has lived all over the country, and as a military wife, spent the last ten years in Arizona.She had been training horses and people for years, but upon seeing Monty’s methods at a demonstration, she wanted to learn more. From there, she was able to travel to Flag Is Up Farms multiple times, spending ample time with Monty and all of the wonderful instructors there. She received her certification summer of 2018. Jamie and her husband, Chad, relocated their facility, Flyover Farm, to Norman, Oklahoma in the fall of 2018 and now she offers Monty’s courses too.

Jamie competes in the sport of 3 Day Eventing, and has competed all across the country. Her favorite thing is transitioning horses off the racetrack to their second careers, and also has a deep love for mustangs. Jamie is also the host of the podcast, Horses in the Morning, on the Horse Radio Network.

Simon became the first Monty Roberts Certified Instructor in Africa in August 2018. He is also one of the Lead-Up® Instructors in the ground-breaking Monty Roberts program that has been scientifically proven to reduce violence in at-risk youth.
Simon, in partnership with Kris Robins (a Horse Sense & Healing program developer), has created and piloted Equ-Us™. Their Equ-Us program uses the combination of two closely paralleled techniques, and the healing power of horses, to help those currently seeking help in an addiction recovery program.

The Monty Roberts International Learning Center in California helped secure a visa for Simon to work at the MRILC in 2020. Although no longer resident on the continent, Simon is working to grow the instructor base across Africa to further spread Monty’s non-violent concepts. A number of instructors are available to hold courses in South Africa and other African countries for those interested in learning the concepts.

Additionally several of Simon’s South African students are working towards their goal of being newly certified in Monty’s concepts.

Hollister’s love for horses started as a young child. As a hearing-impaired individual who relies on hearing aids, he has always felt more at ease communicating non-verbally with horses than verbally with humans. For Hollister, horses were and remains a solace from the noise of everyday living. In 2019 he adopted a wild mustang which led Hollister to begin his journey in 2021 to become a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor, completing his certification in 2023. While at the ranch, Hollister quickly found his niche’ with wild mustangs, feral and remedial horses.

In 2022 Hollister began designing and building his own mustang gentling facility in Richmond, Vermont. He trains domestic remedial horses as well as runs Monty Roberts courses and attunement-based clinics through Hollister Hunt Horsemanship. His non-profit organization, Unbridled Horizons, trains and gentles wild mustangs, simultaneously bringing together those horses in training with individuals struggling with PTSD and/or having had experienced childhood traumas.


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