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Monty Roberts Certified Instructors

South Africa

“My greatest accomplishment was learning to be gentle; without that I feel I would have achieved nothing.” ~ Monty Roberts

Simon became the first Monty Roberts Certified Instructor in Africa in August 2018. He is also one of only 14 Lead-Up® Instructors world-wide – a ground-breaking Monty Roberts program that has been scientifically proven to reduce violence in at-risk youth. He lives in Johannesburg, South Africa where he runs a local non-profit, Horses 4 Hope, with his wife Yvette.

Horses 4 Hope runs free Lead-Up workshops, working to reduce violence and improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable youth from their partner NGOs. Additionally, Simon, in partnership with Kris Robins (Horse Sense & Healing program developer), have created and piloted Equ-Us™ – the world’s first program that combines Monty Roberts’ horsemanship with Motivational Interviewing (Dr William Miller and Stephen Rollnick’s globally acclaimed counselling method that helps people resolve ambivalent feelings and insecurities to find the internal motivation they need to change their behaviour). Their Equ-Us program uses the combination of these two closely paralleled techniques, and the healing power of horses, to help those currently seeking help in an addiction recovery program.

Simon holds introductory and short courses both in South Africa and around Africa to help train future Monty Roberts instructors and further spread Monty’s non-violent methods across the continent. He also works with starting and schooling young horses.

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