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January 27, 2017 Solvang, California: The January 12, 2017 issue of Horse & Hound magazine revealed their list of the 50 greatest horsemen of all time. Across seven pages of this iconic weekly magazine are those men and women from all walks of equestrian life with talents in horsemanship all can admire.

Monty Roberts’ photo is prominently placed on the cover which included William Fox-Pitt, John Whitaker and Xenophon. It reads “It was in 1989 that the Californian shot into the limelight when the Queen invited him to Windsor Castle to demonstrate his “Join-Up” technique, and he now visits her up to three times a year to help “start” her horses. To date he has worked with nearly 15,000 horses during his demonstrations, spreading his “non-violent” ethos worldwide.”

“It took quite some time, effort, and maybe just a few differences of opinion, for the Horse & Hound team to come up with our definitive list of equestrian greats,” said Horse & Hound‘s content director Sarah Jenkins. “Fifty really isn’t many and all time is a very long time!”

A total of 11 equestrian sports are represented, from hunting, driving and showjumping to polo, racing and endurance. Read more at

Monty Roberts (Non-Violent Horsemanship)

Thomas Assheton Smith (Hunting)
David Barker (Hunting)
George Bowman (Driving)
David Broome (Showjumping)
Adolfo Cambiaso (Polo)
Sir Henry Cecil (Racing)
Ada Cole (Horse Welfare)
Frankie Dettori (Racing)
Boyd Exell (Driving)
William Fox-Pitt (Eventing)
Yvonne Goss (Team Chasing)
Carlos Gracida (Polo)
George Goring (Team Chasing)
Lucinda Green (Eventing)
Polly Gundry (Point to Pointing)
Joss Hanbury (Hunting)
Cynthia Haydon (Driving)
Carl Hester (Dressage)
Allister Hood (Showing)
Michael Jung (Eventing)
Jennie Loriston-Clarke (Dressage)
Sir Anthony McCoy (Racing)
Richard Meade (Eventing)
Bay Middleton (Hunting)
Rupert Nuttall (Hunting)
Reiner Klimke (Dressage)
Robert Oliver (Showing)
Charles Pahud de Mortanges (Eventing)
Marion Mould (Showjumping)
Sir Lee Pearson (Para Dressage)
Lester Piggott (Racing)
Martin Pipe (Racing)
The Queen (Multi-Discipline)
Colin Rose (Showing)
Jayne Ross (Showing)
Paul Schockemohle (Breeding)
General Jack Seely (Military)
Wendell Robie (Endurance)
Nick Skelton (Showjumping)
Harvey Smith (Showjumping)
Jill Thomas (Endurance)
Sir Mark Todd (Eventing)
Claire Tomlinson (Polo)
Vin Toulson (Showing)
David Turner (Point to Pointing)
Burkhard Wahler (Breeding)
Duke of Wellington (Military)
John Whitaker (Showjumping)
Xenophon (Dressage)

Monty Roberts and his team will be demonstrating in Brazil on March 11-12, in England and Scotland in March and Germany in April on dates and locations found here:

Monty will be working alongside his team demonstrating practical techniques to help your horse with clipping, loading, mounting, bucking and numerous other ground and ridden challenges.

Roberts’ first public demonstrations were in the United States beginning in 1986. They were limited to two or three public demonstrations per year. It was April of 1989 that he was invited by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to demonstrate at Windsor Castle. At the conclusion of one week’s work, Her Majesty arranged for 21 cities and 98 horses more, added to the 23 horses Roberts worked with at Windsor in a five-day period of time. The total on the trip was 121 horses.