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Fergus the Spooky Horse Asks Monty…


The big word "desensitization" is proving challenging for Fergus the Horse! So he decided to seek professional help from Monty Roberts.  Dear Mr. Roberts, I know most of your questions are from people, but I'd like to ask you something too, if that's OK, because I've heard, and read, that you know some things about horses. [...]

Fergus the Spooky Horse Asks Monty…2013-03-28T08:54:47-07:00

Tuesdays with Monty on HRTV


Monty's Backstage Pass now showing on HRTV! Special Offer for Monty Roberts' Fans!  First month FREE of when you subscribe now!  Just use the promo code MR13 when you sign up!  

Tuesdays with Monty on HRTV2013-03-19T20:38:41-07:00

Are You Too Old for Horses?


Question: Do you think with age come limitations in being able to become a better rider/ handler? I ask this because I am 46 years old and up until I bought Honey 5 years ago I hadn't ridden or handled a horse in more than 20 years. I always think there is so much more [...]

Are You Too Old for Horses?2013-03-19T09:53:45-07:00
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