Monty’s electronic press kit offers current and past information on Monty Roberts, his support team, and endeavors, including various photographs and quotes. For current press releases, please see our press release page. It is our goal to provide the media with the tools and information needed to develop accurate and compelling news stories. Press kits are also available in printed format by contacting us.

Inquiries as well as video, DVD, and book requests for review are welcome.

Press kit includes:

  • Monty Roberts’ Career Highlights
  • Monty Roberts’ Biography
  • Pat Roberts’ Biography
  • Staff Biography, Sally King
  • Description of Join-Up
  • Shy Boy Biography
  • Monty Roberts and Join-Up Endorsements
  • Monty Roberts’ Recent Speaking Engagements

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*PHOTO CREDITS: Christopher Dydyck

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*Monty and Shy Boy

*Reaching Out




Monty and Queen

Monty and Kids

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Monty 2

The Man Who Listens To Horses

From My Hands To Yours

Shy Boy

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Gentling Your Spooky Horse


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