Holiday Specials


Give the gift of learning this holiday season! Go to: where you will find inspiring gifts starting at $0.99, with no shipping required and just one click away! Share it with your friends:

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A Night of Inspiration


Monty and Pat Roberts host individuals and family groups from all over the US and a few from abroad at their Night of Inspiration evening celebrating the Man Who Listens to Horses at home. Monty continues to tour internationally well into his twenty-fifth year. Decidedly more intimate and a unique experience for any bucket list, [...]

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Monty Roberts Willing Partners™ Demonstration Videos


Our training covers a huge variety of experiences for every Willing Partner horse: they must accept goats, cattle, deer, tarpaulins, teeter-totter bridges, cowboy curtains, water crossings, and hundreds of scary, spooky objects, as well as to become a trained driving horse and pull a cart. In order to accomplish all of these requirements, we have [...]

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Champion Trainer Gai Waterhouse Calls on Monty


Solvang, CA (August 21, 2013) -  Race trainer Gai Waterhouse will utilize the skills of the world's most famous horse whisperer in her attempts to show Australian punters "something very special” in the spring with her high profile import Carlton House. Waterhouse confirmed on her website that Carlton House is being readied to resume in the [...]

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Monty’s Special Training Clinic Daily Journal


  Day 1, Monty's Special Training A super group representing horse lovers from about 10 countries came to Flag Is Up Farms for an educational experience spanning 5 days. On this first day of the clinic, I worked with Liger, a beautiful Arabian gelding destined for high achievements in endurance. The 3-year-old starter is owned [...]

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Helping Employees Turn Their Performance Around


by Dr. Susan Cain and Debbie Roberts-Loucks Recently, we received an interesting request for information. The sender, a human resources professional, saw a correlation between what Monty does in the round pen with horses to inspire trust and motivation and how it can impact the workplace. Click here to download further information about the retreats [...]

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How sensitive is your horse?


Question: My horse is very sensitive in the flank and the stifle area. When I am grooming her, she seems to get very angry. She puts her ears back and even acts as though she would kick me. When I brush or touch her in the area of the flank or the stifle, she moves [...]

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Upcoming Monty Roberts Special Training Workshop


Come and  discover what horses have to teach us about  building lowering stress, and  building trust at the Monty Roberts Special Training  to be held at Flag Is Up Farms, in Solvang, California, from August 5-9, 2013. “This intensive five-day training is the perfect environment for connecting with peers who know that horses have a [...]

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The Starting Gate for Sensitive Racehorses


Thank you very much for your question and I must say that I have been in France having fun with two horses that seemed to go into the starting stalls without any problem. The issue was that each of them refused to leave the starting stall when the gates flew open and the race was [...]

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Monty Roberts Corporate Training Events


Preparing for More Effective Presentations Using... Horse Training?   By Dr. Susan Cain and Debbie Roberts-Loucks We were lucky to be invited recently to a Huey Lewis concert, and then to go meet Mr. Lewis back stage prior to the show. We went to the show with Pat and Monty Roberts. When we got to [...]

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