Our training covers a huge variety of experiences for every Willing Partner horse: they must accept goats, cattle, deer, tarpaulins, teeter-totter bridges, cowboy curtains, water crossings, and hundreds of scary, spooky objects, as well as to become a trained driving horse and pull a cart.

In order to accomplish all of these requirements, we have trainers who are experienced and gentle, and whom Monty oversees as the horses progress. Monty continually suggests further training challenges that demand many months to complete. Most horses have logged over 30 months of training to become Willing Partners(TM). The end result is a relaxed and safe horse who you can depend on. It’s Monty’s guarantee.

See a group of Willing Partners(TM) schooling over an obstacle course as part of their cursory training:

All Willing Partners(TM) are trained to side-pass to the mounting block for their riders to mount and dismount. See the Mount~Up video here:

See a group of Willing Partners on a trail ride at Flag Is Up Farms:

Feel free to come and see the horses at Flag Is Up Farms and get to know the extent to which we work to achieve our intended goals. We care about our horses, but most of all we care about the people who will ultimately enjoy them. We have gained a reputation for excellence through word of mouth. We hope to see you at Monty’s farm soon. Our doors are open to visitors every day from 9 am to 5 pm, no reservation or fee is required to visit.

For more information please contact: info@montyroberts.com or call 805-688-4382

Visit the farm!
Flag Is Up Farms
901 E. Highway 246
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