Dr. Susan Cain and Debbie Roberts-Loucks

CLI_MR_book_covers-1In writing our new book, JOINING UP: What Horses Can Teach Us About Leadership, we came across an important discovery: the way we “show up” and influence animals is sometimes similar to the way we lead humans. Take for example the last time you trained a horse, a dog, or another animal in your life.

How did you communicate the training goal? Were you patient or impatient? Did you enter the training opportunity with anxiety or come in totally calm?

Monty Roberts starts horses with a dedicated calm, clear communication and a great deal of patience. Think about that approach the next time you are about to lead a human or a group of humans. Enter in assuming good intent, communicate expectations clearly and patiently work through the process of elevating the performance levels of others.

Leadership is that blending of personal style with enough self-awareness to be able to bring people with you. As a leader, think about the following question: why would anyone want to follow you?

Our new book, due out in fall of 2013, will give insights into how Monty developed a personal leadership style capable of changing the world for horses and humans. Let’s hear from you! What inspires you most about Monty Roberts’ leadership qualities? Click here to respond: https://apps.facebook.com/forumforpages/315250485241415/68b0abca-6b0c-4ba8-a39b-94fe09bb3ad9/0

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