How sensitive is your horse?


Question: My horse is very sensitive in the flank and the stifle area. When I am grooming her, she seems to get very angry. She puts her ears back and even acts as though she would kick me. When I brush or touch her in the area of the flank or the stifle, she moves [...]

How sensitive is your horse?2013-06-18T22:01:30-07:00

December 4, 2010: Understanding the Needs of Horses


Often, when I see people working with horses, it seems clear to me why a horse might be confused. We humans are far from perfect at understanding the mind of a species whose behavioral patterns are so far removed from our own. I wish I could live another hundred years because I believe we will [...]

December 4, 2010: Understanding the Needs of Horses2010-12-05T03:39:46-07:00