Monty’s Special Training Clinic Daily Journal


  Day 1, Monty's Special Training A super group representing horse lovers from about 10 countries came to Flag Is Up Farms for an educational experience spanning 5 days. On this first day of the clinic, I worked with Liger, a beautiful Arabian gelding destined for high achievements in endurance. The 3-year-old starter is owned [...]

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Monty’s Tour Dates on Three Continents


Monty Roberts Announces Tour Dates on Three Continents, So Far, in 2013 Still Riding High from his Award for Service to Her Majesty and Praise for his work with Veterans Solvang, CA (November 30, 2012) - LEGENDARY “Horse Whisperer” Monty Roberts, just back from a tour that went from the end of September through November [...]

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Monty’s Tour Calendar


This year, Monty is doing demonstrations in the USA, Europe, South America and Australia! Check his calendar for specific events: You can also see a listing of the courses we run at Monty's farm in California or take a course with one of his worldwide instructors in your area. Go to to find [...]

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