Monty Roberts, the famous New York Times Best Selling Author and renowned Horse Whisperer, was featured at the June 1, 2014 open enrollment workshop called Life Lessons from the Man Who Listens to Horses.

Monty Roberts first became famous when he developed Join-Up®, a training method to stop the cycle of violence typically used in traditional horse breaking. Through a process of clear communication and mutual trust, horses are motivated to be willing partners as they accept the first saddle, bridle, and rider of their lives in less than thirty minutes. Learn more about Join-Up with the video below:

The workshop is offered on a first-come, first-served basis at Robert’s horse farm, Flag Is Up Farms located in the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara.

“We offer the workshop to interested Monty fans and also to people who love to learn from their own-and others’ life lessons,” commented Debbie Loucks of MPRI, Inc. “Participants experience Monty’s stories first-hand. This is an interactive workshop, so participants learn by doing to create their own life lessons.”

Added co-author and facilitator Dr. Susan Cain, “Monty Roberts carved out a career from his personal beliefs, skills and ambitions. He still works at age 78. Regardless of your own age or background, this workshop helps you identify and work toward achieving your own life goals.”

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Authentic, trust-based conversations are built carefully, and as you can see, very intentionally. To find out more about transferring Monty’s trust-based concepts to your life, order our new book, Life Lessons From the Man Who Listens to Horses, or contact us at

By Susan Cain and Debbie Loucks