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Monty tells his life story


Carte Blanche catches up with Monty Roberts. Watch this short (9 minute) video interview where Monty tells his story and shares his goals. Can subtle behavioral language used by horses to communicate with each other be used by humans too? Watch the interview here:

Monty tells his life story2016-06-14T07:39:31-07:00

Monty Roberts Willing Partners™ Demonstration Videos


Our training covers a huge variety of experiences for every Willing Partner horse: they must accept goats, cattle, deer, tarpaulins, teeter-totter bridges, cowboy curtains, water crossings, and hundreds of scary, spooky objects, as well as to become a trained driving horse and pull a cart. In order to accomplish all of these requirements, we have [...]

Monty Roberts Willing Partners™ Demonstration Videos2013-08-22T06:28:59-07:00
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