Episode 16: Endurance Racing and Horse Sense and Healing


Heather Reynolds, Champion Endurance Rider and Pat Roberts, Exec Director of Join-Up International, on Monty Roberts Horse Sense and Healing clinics for returned service men and women. Listen in... Horsemanship Radio Episode 16 Horsemanship Radio Episode 16 by Index Fund Advisors IFA.com - Show Notes and Links: Show Host: Debbie Loucks Photo: Heather Reynolds Guest: Heather Reynolds, Champion [...]

Episode 16: Endurance Racing and Horse Sense and Healing2014-09-08T15:31:58-07:00

Visit Join-Up International


If you would like to learn more about Monty Roberts' non-profit organization, go to: www.join-up.org Join-Up® International operates the Monty Roberts International Learning Center, dedicated to teaching the concepts of non-violence and trust-building communication using horses as a vehicle for this learning process. Such experiences are life changing for war veterans and their families. Our [...]

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Sharing Silence with Shy Boy and Nicholas


This is a story about a boy and a Mustang's meeting at Monty's farm in California. Nicholas was born with triplegic cerebral palsy and lives mostly in silence. His mother Catherine is his voice. Nicholas has a hero who is another strong, silent type: a little mustang horse called Shy Boy. Monty Roberts used the [...]

Sharing Silence with Shy Boy and Nicholas2014-07-14T11:30:16-07:00

Horse Sense and Healing: Join-Up with Veterans


[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUSJAUuHYkw[/youtube] We have been working with veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), over the course of five separate recent clinics. this year. The results are coming in and the outcome is fantastic. We have people laughing and getting back to a normal life who have been afflicted with PTSD for upwards of 35 [...]

Horse Sense and Healing: Join-Up with Veterans2012-07-04T13:03:56-07:00
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